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Leggings For Every Occasion

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If you’ve been browsing this site, trying the workouts, checking out the beauty and wellness tips, and watching the ride alongs, you know we’re hardcore about a lot of things on this site, one of those things is leggings!

The Every Day Go To: Leggings

Let talk about why leggings are great. You never know when it’s time to spring into action. With leggings, you’re ALWAYS prepped for anything. Maybe you felt like skimping on your workout today (do not recommend) and you get a second wind while you’re driving home from some boring errands. By the time you get home, get changed, and do all of that stuff, you might not be feeling it anymore. With leggings, you can just say screw it! Just pull over to the gym and get those gains, no excuses!

While we’re on the topic of leggings though, not all leggings are created equal.

These Danskin Supplex leggings are fantastic for going out and making casual trips. These things are awesome because they have a ton of simple color options and you can pretty much mix and match them with whatever you feel like.

Everyone has a pair of something that they fall back on when they want to shut their brain off and pick something they know fits and looks damn good. These Adam Selman rib knit leggings fit the bill for that. That extra texture that the rib knit provides really elevates these leggings so that you can dress them up with boots or dress them down with whatever you feel like.

Those are fine for doing normal things. However, if you’re going to do a workout like Brickhouse Legs every week, then you’re going to want to wear something spicy like these Drive Cheetara Leggings. Don’t quote me on this but I’m pretty sure print gives you superpowers. You’ll be squatting your body weight and more in no time!

What The Hell Do I Do With All These Leggings?

All of the leggings mentioned here have tons of different uses. Purchasing leggings can be an addiction as you rack up pairs for every occasion. Here’s a simple system for separating them.

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Organizing Your Leggings:

Okay so…don’t expect something complicated. There’s no need to nerd out over this organizing stuff, keep it just like the Fully Committed workouts: simple and effective.

  • Keep navy and blacks together in a drawer
  • Bright colors go together in a drawer
  • Cottons go in their own drawer
  • Animal Prints are in their own drawer too.
  • Going out clothes (like these Adam Selman French Cut Leggings) get hung up in the closet.

It’s as simple as that. The easier time you have finding your clothes and keeping them organized, the more time you have for doing some kickass workouts, meal prep, and other stuff.




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