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Stuck at Home? Do Our Stripper Bod at Home Workout!

Stuck at Home? Do Our Stripper Bod at Home Workout!
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Even if you've been living under a rock, you've probably heard about coronavirus or Covid-19 by now. With cases cropping up all over the United States and New York being the epicenter of the coronavirus outbreak, no doubt many of you reading this are following the advice to quarantine and observe social distancing rules. Being stuck inside all day is no excuse for not working out! We don't take excuses in the Fully Committed approach.

That being said, we won't leave you hanging either. The Stripper Bod workout is an excellent routine (broken into two parts) you can do at home. The only equipment that’s recommended if you have it are a pair of light dumbbells. You can still pick these up if you end up doing a grocery run to your local superstore. If you can't find dumbbells, don't sweat it! Much of this workout can be done without them and if you need a little extra weight, we're sure you can get creative with a few objects lying around the house.

Stripper Bod Workout Basics

First things first, before we start any workout, we want you to do 50 air squats. Why air squats? They're the perfect warmup for what's to come!

Air squats are an exercise you can do a few sets of almost every day without beating yourself up too much. Practice makes perfect. The reason why our workouts start with air squats is because they are an amazing way of not only getting warmed up but also activating your core and glutes so that you can use all of the right muscles in the exercises later in the video.

If you are a novice or beginner, 50 air squats can be a workout in and of itself.

The stripper bod routine is appropriate for beginners and intermediates. We built it so you can just start and stop wherever you need to. Everything is done in rounds, so you can work at your level and push your personal limits each time you do the routine!

In this routine you'll be doing a lot of squats and squat variations as well as core work with flexing, twisting, and stability work.

At Home Workout Frequency

Many of you reading this are probably gym-goers whether casual or committed. You're probably used to working out using a bit more weight or having access to cable machines to increase the intensity of your workouts.

Our workouts will get you strong and lean. One of the major benefits of doing full-body workouts without using extra weight is that you can recover from these workouts much quicker than if you used weights. This means that you can increase your workout frequency throughout the week. This type of training will not only boost your metabolism more frequently, but it will increase your coordination since you are practicing the movements more often.

Fully Committed fam, that's all for today. We hope you stay healthy, safe, and fit during this time of quarantine. Stay tuned for more posts on fitness, beauty, and our favorite—food!



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