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Veggie Burger Salad

Veggie Burger Salad
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Had to drop a new salad for you. This is my FullyCommitted Veggie Burger Salad, full of plant based protein and perfect for summer!


- Watercress Lettuce
- Romaine Lettuce
- Organic Carrot
- Veggie burger {Franklin Farms is my favorite, but Hilary's is a great alternative}
- VioLife feta cheese
- Fullei Fresh Organic Sprouted Grain Mix
- Boars Head Everything But the Bagel Hummus

How to Assemble:

    - Start with one head of romaine lettuce and watercress lettuce. Chop and put in a bowl
    - Chop one whole carrot
    - Sprinkle 1/3 cup of Fullei Fresh Organic Sprouted Grain Crunchy Mix
    - Cook and cut your veggie burger and add it to the salad. I am loving my Franklin Farms veggie burger, but Hilary's is great too if you can't find Franklin Farms
    - Sprinkle a handful of VioLife Vegan Feta Cheese and a tablespoon of Boars Head Everything but the Bagel Hummus 
    Use any of the FullyCommitted homemade easy dressing recipes on our website to top off! 



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