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No Waist - Joint 3

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There’s nothing I love more than no waist! This program is meant to cut these stubborn inches off your waist while shredding your obliques and center core.

Start with one round, add more as you advance.

1 Round is 300 Reps

Equipment Needed:

Kettleball, Stability Ball


  • 25 Single Leg Crunch Reach Right Leg
  • 25 Single Leg Crunch Reach Left Leg
  • 25 In and Out Crunches
  • 25 Straight Leg Raises
  • 25 Rope Climbs
  • 25 Flutter Kicks Top to Bottom
  • 25 Swiss Ball Reverse Crunch
  • 25 Ball Crunches Knee to Elbow Left Side
  • 25 Ball Crunches Knee to Elbow Right Side
  • 25 Toe Touches
  • 25 Butterfly
  • 25 Elbow to Ground Twist Side to Side




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