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Chickpea Granola Powerful Walnut

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Brand: EFFi Foods


  • The FIRST EVER legume-based granola. Certified Organic and Vegan
  • Prime nutrition for optimal health. Our unique formulation locks in flavor and nutrients of chickpeas, Sacha inchi and organic almond butter providing you with a healthier and more enjoyable snack
  • Plant Based protein 5g + Fiber 2g to curb the appetite. Dairy Free Probiotics to support Digestion and Protein absorption. Nuts are harvested in an environmentally friendly way and provide healthier fats than grains
  • Well balanced nutritious nut based granola with focus on digestive wellness makes it a great breakfast snack, in between meals or on-the-go
  • The Cleanest ingredient list: No Artificial Sweeteners, No High Fructose Corn Syrup, No Trans Fats, Non GMO, No Soy, Dairy Free, Grain-Free, No Animal Products, No Refined Sugar

Publisher: EFFi Foods

Details: At EFFi Foods, we are on a mission to make delicious foods that provide solutions to pressing global issues such as food security and lifestyle-driven health issues. That's why all EFFi snacks are based on principles of Prevention, Balanced Nutrition & Digestive WellnessIt's All About BalanceEFFi snacks are not one-sided, focusing only on energy, protein or fiber, but rather a synergy of all things good for youPlant-based proteins for rich supply of amino acids + Fiber for curbing the appetiteProbiotics for better protein absorption & gut health supportNut-based for healthier fats & to keep you fuller longerFruits + berries for natural sweetnessSuperfoods for unique taste & added nutritional valueThe Cleanest Nutrition:Our special recipe formulation helps us stand out from the crowd and avoid using artificial sweeteners, preservatives or flavorsWhy Nuts, not Grains?Nuts have high nutritional value and contain good fats when compared to grains. It's better for you and, not to mention, it's a deliciously NUTTY adventureWhy Organic?We use USDA certified ingredients because organic food operations protect natural resources, conserve biodiversity, avoid the use of synthetic fertilizers, pesticides, irradiation & sewage sludge which is harmful to human health & the environmentWhy Plant-Based?Our growing global population demands change to how we feed the world. Plant-based diet uses fewer natural resources, has a lower carbon footprint, ends animal suffering & reduces food insecurityWhy Probiotics?A key to wellness is intestinal health which is closely linked to our immune system. In the modern era of acidic diets, the overuse of antibiotics, stressful conditions & medications disrupt intestinal balance. At EFFi, we contribute to gut health by fortifying our foods with probiotics to help balance gut flora & support digestion

UPC: 850314005051

EAN: 850314005051

Package Dimensions: 8.8 x 4.6 x 2.0 inches



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