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Fully Committed 

FullyCommitted is all about being hardcore and all in with whatever it is you’re doing, to be fully accountable with no excuses. It can be as simple as taking out the trash or as extreme as climbing Mount Everest.

I’m a firm believer in accomplishing the impossible.

Nothing is off limits or out of reach and if you want something bad enough and you stay committed to it, with a strong mind and even stronger body it can happen, I’m living proof of it.

I spent most of my life struggling with addiction and behavioral issues at a very young age and did everything in my power to make sure a successful future was not in the cards for me. I was always strong headed and stubborn but extremely clued into what I wanted whether it was damaging or not. There was no drug or fight that you could keep me away from if my heart was set on it . I was out of control and determined to stay committed to it .

Ten years ago I managed to start changing my life because I knew I was knocking on deaths door if I didn’t make a change. It took a few years into my sobriety to find something new to be committed to. I then found Crossfit and weightlifting, both power and olympic, on accident-a new hardcore way for me to be balls to the wall insane without destruction. I became obsessed with being the best athlete I could.

I traveled all over for coaches and saw every kind of specialist in the food and recovery field. With all my knowledge and commitment I came across a passion and love for all things health, my goal was always performance based, to compete my best in every competition, to mentally dedicate all my time to be as strong as I could for myself. I never had an end goal in mind because I knew this was for life.

I developed this company for like minded people that want to fully immerse themselves in their most savage being. This is my way of living and committing to being a strong powerful dominant force. I have become the most confident, strongest version of who I am today because of all that I have learned and all I do to stay committed to myself. This isn’t a journey because to me a journey has an end, this is for life.

Welcome to the FullyCommitted fam, now let's get hardcore!

Ashley Rosen

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